About Partum

We are two dudes who have a deep passion for the local organizations that exist within a community. The best burger joint, the hidden coffee shop, the small church in the theater, the roving donut food truck, the start up T-shirt company; all of these places and more are organizations that have their roots in the community they grew from.

As long time residents (and fans) of our community, we decided to combine our skills and talents to promote growth in the organizations of people just like us; people that had a dream and decided to make that dream come true.


Our Mission?

To see our community’s local businesses succeed through the power of creative and imaginative media and marketing solutions.

Our Vision?

To create a positive change in our community by helping small, local businesses grow through the use of practical, but high quality, marketing and media. We envision our community growing, and we know that a substantial amount of that growth is created by small businesses, non-profits, and religious organizations that love the communities that they started in. As a result, we want to offer a complete suite of effective media and marketing services for the small business owner to take advantage of.