Our Services

At Partum we are proud to offer a comprehensive suite of creative services designed to complement one another so that your brand can be advertised as effectively as possible. These services are outlined in three categories: Graphic Design & Photography, Website Design & Marketing, and Videography.


Graphic Design & Photography

Graphic Design and Photography are two of the most important ways that we can showcase your business. Need a logo that conveys your vision and mission? Graphic design. Need a short video advertisement for a local theater? Graphic design. Need some pictures and content for your social media posts? Graphic design. At Partum we understand how important graphic design and photography are and we love nothing more than being able to creatively advertise a business.


Website design & Marketing

Social Media. E-mail marketing. SEO. Website design. It can all be confusing, and difficult to take time to fully comprehend so many different facets of marketing while running a business. Plus who has the time to keep up with all the constant new developments?

Thats where we can help. Digital (or online) marketing is the future of advertising, and we are here to help your brand stand out. From websites to social media, email to search engines, we love nothing more than helping businesses take advantage of the cost effective, but powerful, elements of digital marketing.



Commercial and story based videos are one of the best, and least utilized, ways that a small business can reach customers. Connection is a compelling tool and there is no better way to connect than videography. From social media advertisements to local commercials, the ability to cost effectively have a video about your business is a powerful tool.

But making a professional video is easier said than done. Thats where we can help. With years spent making unique and creative videos, we know how to capture your brand and help you distribute it to the world.